Strange Daze, Damsels in Distress and Snow Dragons

 It never ceases to amaze him how the ranks are filled each and every year with those that run from something or towards someting or just simply run for running sake. The local “Park & Ride” parking lot has since been renamed the “Park & Stay” Lot since all the cars there seem to appear in the wee hours of twighlight and have yet to ever leave even some four months later. It is here where this chapter’s set is plotted-

As he lay in the Lezbo and watched the mercury drop below freezing he tends to wander to the memories of warmer times. Its been another far flung season here in the far North, with all kinds of debauchery, drama, Love lost and gained. The local park and stay parking lot is a testimony of what it was all about. In short there are now about six cars that have been abandoned since the end of summer, two of which are still occupied. A young couple from Denali pulled into the fray some months earlier and have yet to leave due to finances. Within two weeks of pulling in they proved that niether one of them should drink vodka especially the cheap variety. It was only a matter of time before the dude started getting jealous with all the attention the female was getting from the 9 ring circus and soon he was found to be yelling at her and choking her out. From out of the Woods Captain Anarchy, Mogulmaker and Co. rescued her from her tormenter and later that night an ambulance was reported to have been at the sight of a horrific beating on the afore mentioed dude that had to learn a tough lesson the hard way. Dont touch the women folk regardless if they fuck your best freind, your other girl freind or stay out all night with the park people. If its one thing that Girdwood has a shortage on its women and we protect them viciously. Multiple head contusions, skin liasions and a few loose teeth should have gotten that message through. Tough Love & Another day in the life here in the Last Frontier, Dude has since been reported to say please and thankyou alot more often.

It also makes him think of the time spent working on the local skate park for the kids here in Girdie. American Ramp Company came into town as Pan lay in the Lezbo by the Pavillion. Walking out to take a piss he decides that he aint doing much and decided to vollunteer helping put it all together or as was latered reported in the Turnagain Times, was the leader of the “Erection Crew”. We’ll get back to that later. It was a cool deal with the local Roatry Club, Community Service Personell and various vagabonds all pitching in to help. This lead up to a paying job to “Erect” the skate park features in Seward Alaska. One other guy ended up coming along as well with broken glasses, cut up boots and back pack  and a hell of a story of how his girlfriend was a crazy Cherokee woman that for seemingly no reason flipped out on him and destroyed all his personal belongings. We left it at that since Pan could have cared less about his personal problems especially when it comes to some psycho bitch. ( Remember This)……….

Upon completion of the skatepark they were treated to a ferry trip around Resurection Bay with a Prime Rib and Salmon Buffet while floating up lost coves, around Fox Island and Bear Glacier, all for free due to local mass Love. It was a treat as they had camped out all week in the rain and if it were not for Big Vic taking them under his wing they would have surely been famished and not high, freinds are your life line here in Alaska. He has learned through his years here that those that live in Alaska alone usually die alone, you need Clan in order to survive here, regardless of what all that off into the wilderness rhetoric tries to convince you of.

After making it back to Girdwood it was found out that the afore mentioned crazy pshycho Cherokee woman was reported to have a black eye from afore mentioned dude with destroyed possesions, he was rallied up and soon was on a plane headed somewhere far away from Captain Anarchy and the Mob that had an appointment for him in the Park for a much needed beating. It was only a matter of time before She came knocking on the Lezbo’s door one late night looking for a safe haven since thay had been evicted…………. obviously hearing about his “erection” skills.

 Meanwhile back in the Forest the drunken debauchery of the nine ring circus continues on with of course Mogulmaker at the helm with a managerie of old and new faces.

He wandered over to her one early morning since she didnt make it over to the Lezbo and was greeted by her and some other dude which was of no concern since jealousy is not in the Pan mans vocabulary, he simply booted him out. A few nights later while at the Dive he finds her once again with another dude totally soaked from head to tow seemingly a piggyback ride gone terribly wrong in the moose bogs, so his heart went out to her and he brought her into the Lezbo and clothed her in warm fleece after of course engaging in a warfming up period as She was near frozen. Later, back at the Dive sparks up a conversation with this other girl who seems abit perturbed about this Cherokee gal and her Brother, when pressed further on the matter it was disclosed that thay had been on a Cocaine bender that afore mentioned night much to the dismay of Pan who in his rage, drags her out of the bar and strips her of his clothes where there she runs off into the cold Alaskan night in nothing but her panties & bra. People are on the deck smoking ciggarettes and cant believe their eyes as what was unfolding in front  of them this dark starlit night. No one sais anything to him but he can hear the whispers behind him ” Man,… he’s a cold Mother Fucker that Pan.” ” Not really” he thought “But She probally is….” Its not the fact She was doing Cocaine with some other dude, that didnt phase him, it was the fact that it was done in a manner as if he was the One, because he aint and never will be that ONE. She has since gone back to her ex lovers loving embrace in where She beckons him to come……. Mama told me there would be days like these, Strange days Indeed, Mama,…… Strange Daze Indeed.

The Snowdragons have been let loose here in the Chugach with there tails whipping about wispy white clouds that drift on over the glaciers and highest peaks. They come like a whisper in the lone cold night. They came late this year from wherever it was that they came from. Offerings to Ullr were burnt up into the skies in desperation to let the mountains be covered by a white afghan knitted flake by flake, day by day. The Headwall is setting up nicely beckoning the children of the storms down below, how those goodweirdians bite at the bit awaiting that first chair into the heavans of bliss. HAZAR! Hail to the SNOW DRAGONS and blessed be that they have finally returned!! The mercury continues to plumet from the 30’s into the 20’s well into the teens and finally sub-zero, as he lays in the well heated sanctuary of the Lezbo with yet another tap on the door in the wee hours of a cold star filled night.

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