Nor-Cal Trimmers Union 420

Oct 17, 2008

Current mood: lethargicIts

Harvest Season here in Mendocino County,  Pan has been out in the Redwoods trimming for a few days now his fingers are perma-cramped and covered with resin (hash) his brain is on idle simply running bodily functions. This years EPIC strains are ” Juicey Pearl” the most ceribrial shit for all time!!,  believed to be a hybrid of “Juicey Fruit and a “Skunk” variety with avarage sized multi colored buds that packs one

 hell of a walup. One hit will stupifie for hours, unable move or to even come up with a thought to move for that matter. He simply drooled, came close to urinating on himself as well, like a frigon coma state. Another favorite this season is “Grandaddy Diesel” OMG! the buds on this gargantua are of mythic preportions and dark purple w/ a smattering of white hairs, a hybrid of “Grandaddy Purple” and “Sour Diesel”

 AMAZING Plant typically 8 feet high & 4 feet in girth! These plants are simply gorgeuos and made for the outdoors. Of course their is last years strains still hitting hard as well like “Snowcap” a lovely “White Widow”/ “Snow White” cross over and of course “Chocolate Tai” , “Northern Lights and the  powerful “Grape Ape”.

 Simply Nirvana!!

Remember: the “People” have the power to change the laws so encourage Propositions and Vote into Law for Medicinal Marijuana, like the States of California, Washington and Oregon or simply do nothing and promote drug trafficking which in turn makes people a prisoner of their own conciousness. I have seen 1st hand what it can do for the every day person as a benificial medicine or a cash crop for extra income in these hard times. Each plant capable of 1 to 5 lbs x’s $2500, you do the math. Each card holder can legally possess up to 10 plants, and you can trade and collect them as a “caregiver” if you like, to assist other people in need. Each State determines or interpets its laws accordingly. I encourage you all to speak up and become active in making this available and legal for people to grow, posses and use marijuana, of course with stipulations. The biggest “TAXABLE” income instead of a frigon blank check bailout would be to legalize and tax marijuana like any other ATF classification. (Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms) We all know that Uncle Sam just wants a cut, besides with the TAXPAYERS of America “BAILING OUT” the so called LEADERS of this Nation that seems to set precedence over the needy and favoring the wealty, its time the average Joe steps up to the plate and quit worrying what the neighbors think, coincedently,  are most likely self medicating on Alcohol and Perscription Pills. With Rewards come Responsibility, this is not a free ticket to ride, but simply  an renewable resource and compassionate alternative to those who suffer needlessly.

Let Mother Nature do your Pickling and Perserving for all She is trying to do, is Heal you- Emerson


West Coast Trimmer
Union 420

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