Mountain Marathon Madness

After the midnight dash to Cooper’s Landing for a show at a

bar that doesnt close until 5 am ( out of city limits) we awoke hungover in

our Sun scorched tents and headed on down to the port town of Seward to

witness the debaucle of the Mountain Marathon where a bunch of crazies run

up a mountain then down, wether they are trying to keep it together on the

steep loose talus or simply disregarding all respect for life & limb and

choose to cartwheel on down to the party down below where the roads have all

been closed off …………….what can I write of this place conjures up

images of the Yukon Bar where a Red-headed tight fitting wrangler wearing

gal from Texas named Gigi Love plays her guitar to a horde of bull dikes,

commercial fisherman, roughnecks, wana-be’s, players, gamblers & hustlers,

now usually they would have had scowles as testimony of their tattered lives

but alas’ music once again sooths the savage beast and we all stood or

slumped, engaged with the tap of her cowboy boots and slight shift of her

hips, her voice like pure sweet mountain water. Where is the girl I came

with?> I ponder only to spy her amongst a group of Outlaw Bikers that are

offering her every white powder substance known, which she obliges them.

Fuck! once again I have to put my life in peril over a whirlwind of a woman,

who for all her ASSets and promises seems to forget about me after a couple

of shots and large glassed Mimosa’s, Ah I’m used to it I suppose. Somewhat

brashlike slapping leather vest on the backs like an old skooter tramp I get

within the roundabout as she is being manhandled and passed from ass grabber

to titty pinchers and the like. “Awwwwww boys, you ouhtna mess with the

Sherriffs daughter like that with him having a loose trigger & all” They

stare at me in either disbelief or dumbfounded that I would actually have

gotten so close in the ranks, time stands still, Gigi quits playing and you

could hear a mosquito fart within the tension. I am starting to doubt this

plan as well as my shifting eyes can attest to and expecting a blunt object

over my already scarred up head or to be shanked, when all of a sudden I

realize the prize has eluded us all and is now dancing up on the bar and by

all accounts is very hot since she is disrobing with an onslaught of

encouragement. A couple of other gals jump on up and do there best “Coyote

Fugly” ( that’s fuckin’ ugly) Again there I am, a knight in rusted armor

attempting to save my damsel in disterss wether she wants it or not much to

the dismay of paying customers. Just as she has thrown the bra in the

overhead fan and trying to unbutton her already lo riding hip huggers I

throw her over my shoulder and dash out the door, of course she’s screaming

that she still has a drink at the bar and calling me every name in the book,

gonna leave me and for some reason dosent seem to really know who I am

anyhow so it doesnt bother me anyway. Now its about closing time anyhow so

there is an unruley mob forming since the old town of Seward is a couple of

miles from the new town and no taxi service is available. Curses and fights

break out all over as a kid on a longboard ollies over a no parking sign in

front of the only and all to young and concerned deputy. People dont even

seem to mind the half naked gal over my shoulder with the brazen fushia pink

thong exposed as her pants ride on down to her knees not to mention the

handle of cheap vodka in my hoodie. One taxi made it through but has a group

of guys trying to flip it over barely escaping by driving up on the

sidewalks narrowly missing drunks and onlookers of the 20 or so people

knocking the piss out of eachother. After walking a couple of miles a taxi

with a person who recognises her ass pulls over for us and takes us to the

bar on the outskirts of town known as “The Pit” Somewhat sobering up the gal

closes one eye to get double vision and yells out in the middle of the dance

floor that there are alot of fine looking Black Men here, which of course

she is now within a roundabout of booty slappin’ groin grinding orgy of

soul. Thats it, 1st the bikers now the gangsta’s, who’s next the Mafia? I

would like to tell ya how things went but I havent seen her since, and I can

honestly say I miss………….parts of her ya know? Hard bodies with soft

minds what a dichonomy.

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