know what I did this summer…………….. I think.

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Theres a Place in my Mind only I can FindStardate: 8-01-08 A-420

The Squirel that was his upstair neighbor was dropping cones on the metal roof

of the Treehouse, Pan had been calling home of late, rousing him from a deep sleep.  

So he decided to get up and go look for some tasty King Boulet Mushrooms to add to some Top Ramen & Salmon soufle’. along the way he could hear some commotion and went to investigate and soon found all kinds of strange sites and realised that it was not a dream or a vision but that………………………

The Blueberry Festival  was off to a great start with friends & families checking out the muffins, tarts and pies laced with jams and jellies whipped w/ cream as mountain bikers rode about the new trail system at Alyeska Mountain in their Mad Max like apparal.  Blue ballooned children hoola-hooped with Earthy henna patterns, facepaint and day-glow hair colors amongst the blown out fall colors of Fireweed, seemed a sharp contrast but nothing out of the ordinary here within the Chugach.

Captain Anarchy  displaying a Blue Mohawk pulls up in the Lesbian-PimpMobile, complete with wall to wall/up on the ceiling mustard yellow deep shag carpet, crushed velvet leopard print walls and multi-colored smiley face curtains, a variety of life forms either grew on or in it. People from various walks in life, social & economic classes, races, religious beliefs all had one thing in common that day: to Celebrate the Delightful Blueberry.

 All were enjoying the typical rainy weather under the Beer Garden tent for some good music of the Carhartt Bros., Well Strung and Andy & Boyz,  some tasty IPA.s, Brown Beers and some terrible domestics were thereto wet the palet for those who wanted to hang out as they didnt seem to mind getting a bit wet as the weather was mild.

Melissa Mitchell kicked off the music with her soulful honey laced voice, people began to tap their feet, hips began to sway, a slight breeze ever so slowly started to arise.

Fair Folks sold handcrafted items, Woven Basket holders and Zip-Lock bag carriers sought out various berries in the surrounding areas while para-sailers flew overhead with multi-colored parachutes like Dragonflies. It was a great weekend and they danced on in the cleansing rain well a few anyway………………………

Afterwards, he went down to the Forest Fair Park and watched the Skate Rats display their prowness and death defying skills 

 and hooked up with some friends to  play some disc!! then afterwardsa, most likely get into a rambunctuous game of………………………

CO-ED Softball!!! Its the end of the Rainbow. 
Then perhaps find someone cooking some Salmon over at the pavillion that dont mind sharing

sometimes. Which usually leads to a POW-WOW

to hang out with some more GOOD Peeps as the Heavens shine down!! 

Then mosey on down  to Moose Flats  the only place in the Chugach with warm water to swim in and hang out with a really cool local girl.  Sweet.

Soak up the elusive Sun when possible for that VIT D. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Feels so GOOD!!

But ya better not stay out to late for the Forest Folk might get ya and throw ya in the drink and turn ya into a local.
Then return to “Town Center” and fall into :                             

“Studio B” ,

an old wooden cabin that has served as both hippy-headquarters and session room for locals and bands such as Smooth $ Gesture, Incoming and of course, the Photonz!! Yaaaaaaayy! ,That band that had “Beemed Him Up” all those years ago in Lake Tahoe when he & the Ghjost would roam about the lower 48 from ski town to river runner camps w/ names like Irwin Lodge, Crested Butte, Wolf Creek, American Fork, Alpine Meadows, Brown’s Canyon, Sugar Bowl, Rancho De Rio & Jackson Hole to name a few. Music was emanating from the interior of the cabin as the boys were gearing up for another Cosmic Journey. 
All the while in the back was a Bonfire with a few Fire Tenders and of course Coldpop’s VW Bus

, the Breeze was beggining to build……………………..

Our Hero’s Altered Ego actually stayed employed for a couple of weeks, so that meant getting a actual paycheck, as well as “in for a well deserved vacation”. I s’pose most of the proceeds should have went to the folks that have been floating him on various adventures/endeavors/ but instead it went towards paying off his Tab at the “Dive” and the rest went towards the migration North to Denali over the Labor Day Weekend, the weekend that indicates Summer is about to end and which he dances towards the Midnight Sun.When the flyers started to appear on the various bulletin boards around town that the beloved band “The Photonz” would be playing at the “World Famous Salmon Bake” the bar at Glitter Gulch, the place where BOXMAN had been seen during Lunar El-clipses and Musical talent in the past. Colonel Les Claypool once said “Having weekends means that you can hang out with your working freinds” and so it was on this momental occasion, not because of the Holiday, not even getting a actual paycheck,…….. which is rare,………….. Extremely Rare, It was for the Gathering of Tribes where Clans met with Eachother before Winters Numbing Embrace held all Fast. 
After geting off work ( I know, hard to believe) he fell into Casa Del Sol, 

 the House of the Sun. In preparation of a good journey any traveller should be in the company of good   Food & People…….. for the Body & Soul. The stuff for the mind will come later……..

Located in the Girdwood Laundramall  where weary road warriors, skate rats,bikers, hikers, tourist, and locals alike did their laundry next to one another, spoke to one another, took showers and gazed at the celebration of the Constellations. This place has become town center not since it has the only public bathrooms in town, but also because that’s just where’s it at to find things. The propieter (A local celebrity) Danny, was preparing to go up to Denali for the festi’s, Lo & Behold somewhat mysteriously, Pan appears from out of one of the bathrooms, jumps in the front seat saved for Rachel the saucey curley haired local girl  from GRRRR-wood Pet & Green Goods, even though without being invited, he sits like a dog waiting for his master to take him on long drive and is undetered and ready for whatever lies ahead…………..

It would be a great opportunity to escape the debaucery of “The Dive”………………………………………….., God I Love that PLACE.Bonfires, ………..Slapping Black Bears, …………..Whatever………Escaping the pull of,

Mogulmaker’s Sideshow Bus and Nine Ring Circus ,and not to mention let the Lesbian/Pimpmobile air out for awhile. Good Move.

Road trips are good for the soul and as the miles pass by,……….. so do all of that which holds one to stress/poison and it fell from them like sloughed off scales of a snake leaving behind a trail of many colors with each passing mile. Alongside the Turnagain Arm where the Bore Tide danced with the Forces of Gravity they migrated……………. 

Through Bird Creek where a few anglers tried their luck at catching the last of the Coho’s (Silvers) into Potter Marsh where Trumpeter Swans dunked their head in the shallows to feed on aquatic plants along with a managerie of multi-colored Woodland Ducks and then unfortunetly and inevetably into the traffic of Anchorage, Blah, Yuck, CACA.

Soon they were into the fertile Matanuska Valley where the Alaska State Fair was in full force displaying cabbage & pumpkins that ranged in the hundreds of pounds for under the Midnight Sun, LIFE will flourish to immence perportions, once home to the strain of Matanuska Thunderfunk!!

Then on through Willow, Talkeetna and Somewhere out of Cantwell disaster strikes when the red & blues pull them over………………. (seems so familiar) along the Lonesome Highway, Our driver fails a sobriety test and gets a free trip into Fairbanks.( he would be released the following day w/ charges being dropped, Hmm wonder what he did to get out of that one, anyway) PAN & Rachel stand hand in hand within the Wilderness on a Lonely Stretch of Twighlight as the Troopers pull away into the Sunset,… Alone they stood transfixed and apparantly with a new SUV full of beer………………………. “Better Him than me” , he thought and soon they were down the road. (Somewhat remindfull of the Anderson Bluegrass Festival last year where Mogulmaker went down for some old warrants a mile out of town the night before the party, leaving behind some great Steaks & Chipolte Tabasco sauce lifted from the Mercantile,…… much on a night like this one, Hmmmmmmm Time Continuam Glitch, nothing out of the norm in the Life of Pan.)Northward to Denali they went,  almost hitting a large  Pearl Essence Moose that ran along side of the car what seemed an eternity, then winking with Starlit Eyes, She burst back into what seemed impassable terrain,… like a ghost, Gone. 

Amongst the Poplar, Birch and Aspen trees that were starting to turn hues of green-yellow-lime, it seemed like the further North they went, was like almost driving up in elevation, so in turn… the further they drove, they drove Further into Autumn.

The terrain soon turned to Taiga, along with a splashing of multihued dark berries that would be the envy of any  “Grandmothers Quilt”  with Reds, veranda, purples, pinks, and oranges, blanketing the Drunken Forest with as much loving embrace as any Matriarch. the Midnight Sun racing off towards Southern Hemispheres, Red Fox playing, Time Speeding up the Slower they went, eyes dialating, hearts racing……………..Pulling into the “Bake” parking lot they sat there not saying anything, just taking it “ALL”  in and preparing for the Gathering. They started off the night by cracking a bottle of Jim Beam, for medicinal purposes of course.

 !st wondering then wandering onto the boardwalk of “Glitter Gulch” checking out all the traps but mostly People Watching. Then somehow and interestingly enough onto the stairway ever so slowly…… inching up to the bar to mix with Old Friends and catch up on the haps since Boxman left all those seasons ago and then drawn down onto the dance floor where many waited for that One to Engage. Like Bee’s dancing for a nectar laced flower field they danced and the Photonz played well into the night.Giggles roused him from a deep slumber and sitting up he realizes that they are in the back of the aforementioned SUV, obviously still parked in,….. well the same parking lot they were the night before with the huge latch style rear door wide open to expose where they lay entwined, not with eachother but amongst a collection of Sierra Nevada Pale Ales, Alaskan Indian Pale Ales, and one seemingly empty bottle of Jim Beam, a horde of Japanese tourist were taking photos of the impromtu “pitched tent” Pan was providing,…. Oh’ the horror waking up to that. He felt like Koko as she slept on. Danny shows up and is pissed we drank most of his beer, but happy we didnt ralley his rig.

1st plan of the day was to get a really Goooooooooooooooooooood Bloody Mary, and SO, onto the Crows Nest he stumbled, picking up some stragglers from the night before  and so they went, this rag tagged expression of HUMANITY.Just attemting to get to the “Nest” was half the fun when your still reeling from the night before as it sits up on a precipess overlooking the Nenana River down below. In fact it was like a mini version of what it must have been like up on Mt. McKinly that huge and ominous granite jaugernaut where climbers at that very same Moment were engaged in a Dance of Great Rewards and Perils. 
For all intended purposes this had all the struggles, pain, mental and physical challenges as some fell about trying to reach the top, only to flail on back up through what seemed the hardest route imaginable instead of simply walking up the damn trail,…………. don’t ask. 

Heroic deeds were displayed as the stronger or more sober of the climbers would assist others while sadly enough, in other cases it was a personal and private struggle for some which included yours truley, Yeah I said it so there it is. They came out of the forest bleeding, gasping, crying, limping with twigs in their hair and still wondering if they had in reality actually conqured the Mountain that chuckeled to himself as it watched these curious little critters on this small ant hill below. They fell into the Nest” and were soon all laughing and thanking (or forgiving) one another for the journey up and in good spirits as they gulped down those hot & spicey Bloodies like a part of any well balanced breakfast which ‘by the way’ included some “Magikly Delicious Treats”,……………………the wind began to get gusty.
The next thing he knows they are down In the Nenana’s frigid 42 degree water damn near naked, obviously involved in some ancient ritual of “Dipping”


 giving thanks to the N-E-W-S, for being alive at this particular time, others were making Sand Angels amongst the ruins, the Willows Danced, Nenana Lapped at the Shore, Leaves Quaked, Rocks Stacked, the Old Man laughed as the Sky Rumbled. 

River Raft Guides  with those wide eyed gapers going down that part of the river were simply “Shocked and Awed” as they floated by when the Willow Branches began to shake violently and rocks began to be hurled in their direction as those on the beach beat their chest and screamed like Banshees of the Bush, (it was reported later that one of the guides had spied what seemed like some kind of animals near the ruins playing, fighting or something) …………….The following day after most were on their way back to what ever path they came from, not one single human print was on that beach amongst the ruins, it only showed footprints of Bear, Wolverine, Martins, Crow and Fox,…………………… must have been one hell of a time.The Winds of Change were raging down somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico, slowly gaining strength, the whole Nation took Notice.
The Old Woman cackled and Lightning struck a small tree on Mt. Deborah…………………………………….. it “smoldered’ for days.

The following night made the first night seem like a simple warm up jam session as most were “Beemed Up”near that mountaintop that night, Some were searching for their way up, others were finding their way down while many were simply dancing like those wispy-wisp somewhere up on top of that Mountain known as Denali 
“The Great One”.

Tune in Next Week, Same Pan Time, Same Pan Channel

Elusive Lithuanian’s

1st Tap Flowmotion

Fungis Fair

Autumn Equinox

Harvest Moon 

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