Long before the Cascade mountains rose above the surface of the sea, when it’s waters washed at the foot of the Rocky mountains, the Siskiyou mountains stood, an island in this vast waste of waters. It had volcanoes then that flashed their flames skyward; a beacon light to a shipless sea. This island was very extensive and extended to the Sacramento Valley on the south, comprising what is now  called the Wooly Bully mountains, Scotts mountains and the Siskiyou’s. This cluster of mountains is termed “The Klamath Group” and is described as an old Cretacious island.

It is clear that the land we call home has a long, varied and facinating roots. Much of what we know is not written–It is lore passed on by people who have passed on beliefs, traditions and value system, through storytelling and legends. Much of the message resonates today. Estimates based on carbon dating show that various tribes lived in this region  as far back as 6,000 BC. The Native American that lived here were highly mobile hunters and traders. Many of their food sources, such as salmon, acorns, seeds and berries were seasonal. Other species, such as shellfish, elk, deer and smaller ground animals, were available year round. The people used geothermal waters and mineral waters for bathing and improving their health for thousands of years. Balneology- the practice of using natural mineral spring water for the prevention and cure of disease, can be traced back about 5,000 years to the Bronze Age. The original hunting and trading trails became the fur trading routes of early trappers and explorers, and later the wagon train routes that would lead eventually to our current system of roads. -Ashland Better Living

It is on these Old Highways, Old Route 66, Old Siskiyou Highway 99, Old Stagecoach Rd. 420 and many frontage roads we find Our Hero driving since trying to operate his old 1976 Toyota Landcruiser lovingly refered to as “The Kracken!” Anything above 65 mph is like trying to compete in a off road competition on a old Harley Davidson Hardtail Knucklehead so he’s on the backroads. Northwards he canters onward into a mysterious place called the Great State of Jefferson.

The State of Jefferson was a proposed U.S. state that would span the contiguous, mostly rural area of southern Oregon and northern California, where several attempts to secede from Oregon and California, respectively, have taken place in order to gain own statehood.

This region on the Pacific Coast is the most famous of several that have sought to adopt the name of Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States. Thomas Jefferson sent the Lewis and Clark expedition into the Pacific Northwest in 1803, and envisioned the establishment of an independent nation in the western portion of North America which he dubbed the “Republic of the Pacific”,[1] hence the association of his name with regional autonomy. The independence movement (rather than statehood) is instead known as Cascadia.

 The seal created: A gold mining pan etched with two X’s to signify the double-cross by Salem and Sacramento politicians. With majestic Mt. Shasta at it’s heart, and the Cascades forming it’s backbone, the region’s wild rivers and rugged peaks both isolate and, at times, insulate it;s residents from the more populated outside world.

It is rumored to be the home of Seprestist, Bigfoot, Whitewater, Mountain Mama’s and of course the reason he came; Fertile Land. He just happened to be looking for a gardening job after a disaturous year:

Multiagency operations serve search warrants; 17 arrested. 

??? COUNTY, Calif. – The service of seven search warrants this week in a multiagency drug eradication operation resulted in 17 arrests and nearly 1,600 marijuana plants.

Sgt. Homo of ??? County Sheriff’s Office said the warrants were served on four properties in the Joytopia Valley area near Sometown and three near some Lake on Tuesday and Wednesday.

He said the ??? County Sheriff’s Narcotics Task Force served the warrants with the assistance of the Drug Enforcement Administration, Homeland Security, United States Customs, Bureau of Land Management, United States Forest Service, HIDTA, California Highway Patrol, California Department of Fish and Game, Punkasse Police Department, Faggotass County Sheriff’s Office,  Pretendo County District Attorneys Office, Some other County Code Enforcement and even the Godamned Good old’ Boys Public Works and Boy Scouts of UhmeriKKKa.

On Tuesday, same afore mentioned Homo said the Sheriff’s Narcotics Task Force conducted the Joytopia Valley operation and eradicated 467 marijuana plants.


He said detectives also located a honey oil/hash lab. This method of converting marijuana into hash is extremely dangerous, due to the high risk of explosion. . Detectives also located two firearms and alarming quantities of Lysergic Acid Diemylamide, Psilocybin, Mescaline, MDMA, Salvia Divarorium, Ketamine, Peyote, Moonflower, Banana Peels, Bath Salts, and a butload of Marijuana salves, ointments, cooking oils and the like along w/ some undeternined viles that smell like pachouli and frankencence.

One detective said’ It looked like we had just gone through a portal into another dimension or some type of time warp as these folks thought they were in 1966, running around naked and fornacating openly for God and anyone else who desired to watch, which we did”

As detectives entered three of the locations, several suspects attempted to flee, said some dumbass Homo. A total of seven subjects who had fled were captured and arrested.

Detectives approached a tent located at one of the grow sites, which was occupied. Dumbass said the subjects inside refused to comply with instructions to exit the tent, so a United States Forest Service apprehension K9 was deployed. The occupants of the tent were taken into custody without further incident.

Thank God he wasnt even there since he was lying in the hospital (refer to blog: To heal or not to heal, thats the question really??) but still it fucked the rest of the season up and so he  had to hit the road like Kerouak, Kessey, HST and countless others did before him-  For his sanity he grabbed some undiclosed viles having had stashed and fired up “The Kracken!” named for it’s ability to spew oil with but a depresion of the gas pedal to unsuspecting tailgaiters.

Mount Shasta (KarukÚytaahkoo or “White Mountain”)[5][6] is located at the southern end of the Cascade Range in Siskiyou CountyCalifornia and at 14,179 feet (4,322 m)[1] is the second highest peak in the Cascades and the fifth highest in California. Mount Shasta has an estimated volume of 85 cubic miles (350 km3) which makes it the most voluminous stratovolcano in the Cascade Volcanic Arc

 Mount Shasta is not connected to any nearby mountain and dominates the northern California landscape. It rises abruptly and stands nearly 10,000 ft (3,000 m) above the surrounding terrain.[4] On a clear winter day snowy Mount Shasta can be seen from the floor of the valley 140 miles (230 km) south.[9][citation needed] The mountain has attracted the attention of poets,[10] authors,[11] presidents and perhaps a freak or two attracted by not only its beauty but its allure as a power point on the world wide grid. It’s no wonder he was flying up the mountain but a miracle he didnt fly off it in a blazing fireball, his truck was found abandoned on forest road A- 420 in the State of Jefferson with a mysterious clump of fur and styrofoam balls in the back.

 A State Game Warden said ” I have been roaming these woods my whole life and I have never seen or smelled fur like this, we had to get a female deputy in here to attain samples because any male that gets near that musk will arouse more than just suspicion, as for the owner of the vehicle there is no sign of him , we got something strange going on here.” The hair has been sent off to the wildlife agency for further analysis.

 (editor M.P.)

A journal was found inside the truck Scribbled in Assortment of Day Glow Crayon  Entries:

 Fuck!  Its funny how things go w/ The Game, one year its all good and the next your screwd, busted. and disgusted. I was able to purchase ANOTHER landcruiser with the previous years bumper crop so at least I have that. But this past year sucked big fatty and it wasnt even a joint. I stuck to my guns (the ones they didnt take) and got the knee all fixed up so I can start climbing/falling again. God I miss being  near mountains as often wonder what their true names are. Not the names White man gave them or the Red one for that matter, but maybe the Big man or eachother I dont know. This is some good shit I was able to hold onto, cuz I must be trippin’. What little money I was able to salvage I sank right into the Kracken!. Now I can barely afford insurance which in my opinion is a crock of shit and a scam since they didnt reinburse me when I got hit and knocked off  that Old Stagecoach road last year down Iowa Hill coincedently another breeding den for sepretist and growers.

Anyhow I am now chasing my dream girl of a 6’7″ rusty blonde, almond eyed, sloping foreheaded gorgeous female specimien of Gigantopithecus canadensis, otherwise known as bigfoot, Yeti or Sasquatch. Ever since that one abducted me up in the Hoh Valley in Washington by simply grabbing me by my hair and throwing me on her back  taking me to her love den where I was forced to chew the snags of tree sap off her 56 FF’s and braiding her musty ass spine. I grew fond of her you know, Ive never been able to get that scent out of my mind, it drives me crazy!………..”

Ive come to the conclusion though that this may prove detrimental to my physical well being.

 I had to get out of  ??? County with the conclusion being the residence are as sick and polluted as the lake itself, not all but most. Its a damn shame really because it used to be healthy and vibrant but is now diseased and damn near devoid of Life. I cannot stand to be there anymore and am driving north to search for that elusive Yeti I have come to admire.

I slept in a old Olive Orhard last night off Highway 5 which terrifies me driving since My rig was wound out at 78 mph with these huge rubber overdrive tires and Im still being passed like a old Amish buggy with old ladies flipping me off to get out of the slow lane. So Im staying on the old byways from now on  and came across this Old Olive Orchird, they look like miny oaks having not been pruned in years, so w/ my hammock tied off a tree and the other end the rig, it’s  so peaceful I passed right out to the smell of blossoms and thick grass. Driving later on out of the northern reaches of the San Fernando valley and up into Lake Shasta, the RPM gauge redlined since I had to get back on Highway 5,, which in a old FJ40 landcruiser is as close as I want to get to flying a P-51 North American Mustang over Normandy. Shit apparantly being shot at me because as Im rounding around this long sweeping bridge leaning into the turn, the wheels screaming into the night, I hear what sounds like gunshots richocheting off my fenders. I just figured must have been those damn Sepretist I kept hearing about. Lo and behold they must have shot out one of my humongous 35″ tires as my steering was like trying to leg wrestle my funky monkey lady freind..

 I limped  to Castle Crags Wilderness, part of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest.

The park is named for 6,000-feet tall glacier-polished crags.

 Soaring above the upper Sacramento River Valley are the sky-scraping spires of granite called the Castle Crags. From the lofty ramparts, the hiker can look down on forested slopes and up at magnificent snow-covered Mt. Shasta. From below some dumbass can simply gawk and kick himself in the ass for selling his climbing gear.

The Castle Crags were formed in much the same manner as nearby Mt. Shasta and the other peaks of the Cascade Range-by volcanic activity some 200 million years ago. For the last million years, the Crags have been subjected to the forces of wind, rain, ice and even some small glaciers, which have shaped the granite into its distinctive shapes. Rising beside the spikey peaks is a round one, Castle Dome, which many mountaineers liken to Yosemite’s Half Dome.

In 1855, the territory below the Crags was the site of a struggle between local native people and settlers. The locals, armed only with bows and arrows, were driven from their land in a one-sided battle that was chronicled by Joaquin Miller, “poet of the High Sierra.” A Spanish-American Robin Hood figure of lore himself.

It was here that I noticed that I had sheared four lugnut studs off my right front tire on that damn highway and now only had two left holding on the wheel and there was only one lugnut still on. Thus the explanation for the gunshots as they snapped off and richocheted off my fenders. “Damn”, I thought, guess I forgot to tighten that & I’ll just try to make it to the nearest town on Old Route 66 the epicenter of hillbillie car jackings and illegal “from the road” poaching. I just barely made it to the small college town of  WEED ( really?) and was able to get a tire shop to work on it while I went and sampled some tasty IPA’s from the local  micro-brewery.

 The crows cry “Kracken! ………….

 What a cool town, just the name alone makes me want to retire here indefinetly, I guess I got to get a job first.

Since the wheel mishap set me back $175 I am no longer able to afford the cost of returning to ??? County,…


Speaking of Jesus, I was able to score a top for the rig vollunteering at a Cristian Compound where I was able to work it off, cutting down the tenacious Juniper trees. I have a new found respect for this arbor, not just for the fact that the berries when distilled make Gin but for that this booger can live and dig into some hard ass terrain, with its outswept branches literally burroing themselves into the ground and becoming roots. I was supposed to dig some postholes and help with a fence to keep critters out of the garden but when the pastor suggested I sing along to hyms on the Cristian Radio, I politely declined and was parried with further encouragments but in the end In trying to get me into the Pearly Gates all he did was drive me out faster than hell. I found when dealing with religion and its supporters it’s like trying to talk someone out of rooting for their sports team and God forbid if your not on that team, all I know is I couldnt get out of there fast enough. Early the next morning before the chickens were up I pushed the Kracken! down the dirt road, popped the clutch and was singing a song that came to mind….

Wooden Jesus, where are you from? Korea or Canada or maybe Taiwan? 

But I didn’t know it was the Holy Land

 But I believed from the minute the check left my hand
And I pray, can I be saved? I spent all my money on a future grave

Wooden Jesus, I’ll cut you in On twenty percent of my future sin

I’ll cut you in, I’ll cut you in
In porcelain Mary, her majesties pure, Looking for virgin territory

 Coat hanger halos, they don’t come cheap

From television shepherds with living room sheep
And I pray can I be saved? I spent all my money on a future grave

Wooden Jesus, I’ll cut you in

On twenty percent of my future sin

 I’ll cut you in, I’ll cut you in……………..

 I am super stoked about the top because it sucked just having a bikini top in the rain/snow. People just stare at me driving in the snow w/ all my snowboarding gear and goggles on. Its one of the older style corrugated tops from the early 60’s so it has a sweet ass panel wagon look to it as it doesn’t have the corner windows and the side ones are much slimmer. The top is higher in the rear from later models so it almost has a “chopped look” As for the extremly rare bi-fold rear door/window I dont have the rails to mount it, so I used my carpentry skills ( like Jesus) to fashion one out of particleboard and plastic for a ductaped window. I have now a small stove so I can cook  a shitload of bulk of dehydrated rufage from the local CO-OP store. The interior has been insulated with disgarded cardboard beer holders from the Recycing Center and the floor  having been layered up with sleeping pads and styrofoam found behind Mountain Gear Store. The cruiser/hammock combo worked well but not for winter.and I am very pleased with the results because this cold 14 gauge steel just sucked the life out of me.

I am up on the Iron Gate Hatchery just south of Ashland, Oregon where I have hopes of getting a job guiding in the Six Rivers area.

Smith River National Recreation Area is located northwestern CaliforniaUnited States. The Smith River National Recreation Area is in Six Rivers National Forest and is managed by the U.S. Forest Service, an agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Created by Congress in 1990, Smith River National Recreation Area forms a northern border to Redwood National and State Parks. The Coast Ranges and the Smith River, the longest National Wild and Scenic River in the U.S., offer a variety of recreational opportunities. The recreation area is considered one of the best fishing regions in the U.S., with trophy sized steelhead trout, chinook salmon and other game fish species. Rafting is popular in the summer months and most hiking trails are accessible year-round, but both activities may be greatly affected by heavy rain that swells creeks and rivers. The region receives over 90 inches (230 cm) of rainfall annually, with the greatest amounts in the winter. Summers may be foggy as moisture laden clouds rise up the Coast Range mountains from the Pacific Ocean

This is in order to get into more isolated areas where I know she’ll be.. I feel the need to get back on the oars and purge some of these toxins out of my system as its getting more difficult to concentrate wrtiting while driving, I didnt know crows fly at night, besides I just dropped a burning hash ember in my bellybutton and damn near flew off the road. I should get one of those talk into recorders,. Mental Note # 6,545,812,730,983.

I am almost broke,………………..again. Springtime is just around the corner as the Almond, Walnut and Apple Orchards can attest to with their blossoms permeating the air with sweet fragrence that is like driving through Honeydew. That is unless you have allergies. You wouldnt know it looking at the Cascade and Siskiyou Mountains though. they jut up from the sleepy greenish-brown valleys like great white tusk, I bet she’s up there somewhere going into estrus……. my upper lip curls with the thought.

At the convergence of the Siskiyou and Cascade mountain ranges at an elevation of 2,000 feet lies the small city of Ashland, the area is one of 13 most bio-diverse regions in the world with a climate that supports sustainable and organic agriculture boasting a rich environment for farms and vineyards with growing interest in urban farming. Thus why I am here studying botanicals. It is also the home of Southern Oregon University and the Ashland Shakesperian Festival. It has a total population of 20,103-  With ( pay close attention here) 11,312 (56.3 percent) Female,! The median age in 39.5 and 80.3 percent of its poulation over 18 years and 16 percent was 65 years and older.. Never in all my days have I  been in a mountain town, actually more of a small mountain city that has this ratio of women and everyone is Young.  I am seriously contemplating relocating here since I dont have any gas to go anywhere anyhow. I just got a parking ticket for taking up 2 spots, there wasnt anybody else around aint that a BITCH!?.

Unfortunetly, the unemployment rate is @ 20 percent and it shows through in the form of panhandling on damn near every corner with their tattered dreams and untuned guitars, they’re outside every store, bank and even in front of the Chamber of Commerce. When sleeping my legs are stetched in between the bucket seats and my head towards the rear and I have to lay on my side or criss-cross for them to fit, neither one of my still healing kness are all to happy about this setup and ache every morning, thank s for the Vicodin’s Doc! I also have folded boxes to cover windows and a sarong to hang on the windshield roll bar some  gal left in it I picked up hitchiking. This gives me some privacy but I am beggining to feel like a “creep”. In the rear dining area the kitchen  (small crates borrowed from Safeway) on the drivers side and armouir (rubbermaid) on the passenger side adds a rustic but efficient decor. It was still cold last nite, I’ll have to admit. I dont think I picked the right vehicle to lay-lo as alot of guys especially, Dads with their kids at the park want to come and check it out and talk while their kids use it as a set of monkey bars. I dont mind and enjoy the company. I was lying in the back when I heard two guys walking up…

“Oh man,…!”


“Oh check this thang out, what is it, a jeep?”

“Hell No that aint a jeep; that theres one of them Toyotee’s”

“Holy shit,……… Ive heard of these things, looks like he’s got a V-8 in it”

“Ahh man that thing leaks oil like a son o’ bitch

 “Must be Good Lubrication eh?’.

Then they started rocking it and trying to see inside talking about what they would do with it and bla bla bla, I was in their just trying not to laugh.

Well shit, I sent off my construction resume to all the river raft companies in the State of Jefferson which counterdict the dates of my outdoor recreation resume. Yeah, im fucked. Some dude came riding up to me on a bike and asked me if I smoke, I said “yeah” and he replied ” do you have some?’ I just stared at him until he left.

 I cooked some salmon last night and am going to try and catch a Steelhead trout soon since they have a March spawn.  I found another hippy feed lot so Im going to go get some more nuts, cous-cous, falafal and other weird shit. I just cant stand all these stankass hippies holding signs begging. One read ” Bigfoot Stold My Brain” well who gives a fuck? She stold my virginity,but I cant help but think the only differance between he & I is I have a vehicle. Im beggining to think all these folks may be pooling their resouces together in order to rent out one of these nice Victorians.

 I heard some Geese flying overhead thats a promising sign. Gets dark around 6;30 and sunrise @ 6;30 its almost Spring Equinox!!

Almost ripped my Barbie ‘hand me down” sleeping bag in a claustraphobic muscle spasm moment I get from time to time thinking of my finances. I may yet find myself holding one of these signs, Im working on some proto-types.

AMBER ALERT: I LOST MY PIPE! or perhaps: Harmless & need $ to pay fines.

. Its lonely on the dark side of town, I hear that cold wind blowing. Ahhhhhh shit, my sleeping bag is ripped and torn so my ass hangs out and goes numb by midnight. My only remnant of my climbing days is my Patagonia Das’ Parka and the sleeve caught on fire cooking in confined space. It also just hit me that I am cooking with a open flame and am wearing and surrounded with highly flamable polypropalene materials and they say Cotton Kills, not to mention the gas tank is under my passenger seat and leaks a little. My K-mart shoes have collapsed structurally internally, Damn this Chinese crap ( on the other side of the globe a Chinaman holds some  Air Jordan knock offs and screams “Damn American Crap!)”

3 weeks before I got to make a move back up to Alaska or Hawaii or wherever my airline miles can get me to since I cant afford anything else , little funds,…need work. I forgot about the feeling of being hunted when disbursement camping, its a mindset from what is acceptable in society. The styrofoam idea seemed good when I first did it but has now looks as if a beanbag exploded in my rig having been crushed into a million little white balls that have a static charge that orbit me  and are constantly going up my nose. These damn balls will now probally poison all the wildlife I personally come in contact with.

OMG!! Mass catastophy, spilled hot water making coffee, I am chasing cofee rivers in mad flurry to reroute from sleeping area.. Lets see 185 miles to Bend. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

I learned today that Incence and Red Cedars are not true Cedars but belong to the Cypress family. WTF?! I love these forest here with a good mixture of deciduous and conifers. Whiteleaf Manzanita, Birchleaf, Douglas Fir, Mountain Mohagany, Deerbrush, Ceanothis, Oregon White Oak, and  Pacific Madrone with its smooth greenish bronzy copperish bark shiny dark leaves with its bark expanding strips of reddish brown paper curls that peel from its trunk and branches as it grows, The Ponderosa Pine, California Black Oak, Port Oxford Cedar, Western Mock Oranges  and of course my favorite Sentinel of the forest; Sequoia Sempervirens surrounded by the just as ancient, Swordfish Fern that can grow several feet high

, .Ahhhhhhh the Sun is finally shining in my window. Im parked up near Ashland Creek trying to fish like a Paleo-Nomad. Hunter, No wonder their not around anymore, So its curry soup I s’pose.

Cold Shaving in creek, wet wipes bath, brushed teeth & put on deodorant that should be good for a week or two huh?

Dollar Store/Goodwill/Thrift Store how i love thee, The Shakesperian Festival is now in full swing and since I couldnt afford a ticket I climbed up this huge Madrone and watched King Lear with some chick who said she was tree sitting to make sure they wouldnt cut it down, I didnt have the heart to tell her that they werent likely to cut this one down since its was in a town square but I smoked her out until we almost fell. Man, its hard to understand Old English but I dont mind drinking it from time to time, I’ll admit Ashland is a bit artsy but its got a sweet vibe and all the retirees keep giving these panhandlers money so it must not be all that bad. In fact the other night I heard some music so I went towards the direction it was coming from and came across a pub called the” Playright -a public House “where people read beat, slam or playboy, I felt right at home. Oh; the sight of middle age folks dancing in the streets to a cover band playing the Dead, Stones and the Band. I sat there in the old railroad district gazing at them in their wild free abandon shaking their old tired and worn money makers, it made me smile that  they have not lost the zest for life but I wish they would learn some new dance moves. I wandered back to the Kracken! to a nice warm cup of Chai tea,..yeah, I know man, I know…… The moon is a eerie orange-yellow and smiles from above the wispy clouds moving like a southbound train,

 Hey mama rock me, rock me mama like the wind and the rain, rock me mama like a southbound train heyyyyyyyyy mama rock me.

I seen a homeless kid sleeping on a bench at the Skate Park w/ no blanket. I felt like a pussy for wearing layers and bitching cuz Im in a vehicle,  so I gave him mine, he just farted in gratitude as the other kids were just Ollie’n over him. I love the old Victorian homes here,with their wrap around porches, gables and spires and loud colors only one of these could get away with, it reminds me of that high little island I grew up in the East Bay so many years ago. Free Art!!, from hippy on corner, I almost had a heart attack. 25 cents for a gallon of water and 50 cents for pressurised air !!! Bastards they gone and sold us what we need to survive. I got a temporary library card, so I can check craigslist for some work or contact people when Im about to die. Note: High Country Living is a great magazine thats details the explotation of mountain towns all over the US and its struggles with development and resource management. There was a great write up on Global Warming and it’s effects on the Ski indusrty which in my opinion can totally fucking collapse for all I care they’ve bought and sold our Forest like a cheap ass ho. Im biased since Ive been blacklisted from most of the resorts in the Western Hemisphere. ( Refer to: Rants of a Ski Bum & Death Throws of a Ski Town).)

Somewhere in this rig  I know there are 3 lighters, a yellow bic, purple/blue criket, I found my pipe but it was broken so I used my flint knapping skills to fashion a chilum out of stem. It has just occured to me that since all my certifications have expired such as CPR and Swiftwater Rescue that I may be at a slight disadvantage to become gainfully employed on any river and I dont have a throw bag or lifevest anymore since I pawned all my possesions, to get more gas up here, that is ONLY $3.75 a gallon w/ NO STATE TAX!!.

The local Shop n’ Kart had some Free Wine tasting in their isles and when word got out they were maurraded by a score of hippies, homeless kids and vagabonds. One guy come running, dressed in dirty full carhart coverall that looked like he’s been wearing since last Autumn screaming ”  I heard there was a picnic, this must be it!” As the terrified hostess went to fill him a little dixie cup he slapped down his trusty old hobo-mug that damn near emptied the bottle.

I like to get up when the birds start singing, I found myself in Lithia Park named after the Spring of Lithium Water with a long history of  Botanical Diversity I was seeking. The International Arbors having been planted in the 1920’s so are mature and elegant.  The are two Seqouia Sempervirens and two Sequoiadendron Gigantiums planted close to eachother like a mystical avenue at least 100′ high and growing! It was designed by John McLatch who earlier designed Golden Gate Park (another one of my haunts) It has some huge gorgeous rows of Sycamores and the graceful Maples from out east that Im sure in the fall are on fire with hues of yellow, orange, reds and purples. With Ashaland Creek running from where Mt. Ashland Ski resort is I immedaily felt at peace.

 I found myself walking through a tranquil Japanese garden with flowers in a small pond that swirled about reminding me of pictures of far away galaxies, I just sat there mezmorised with it’s eddies pulling clusters of blossoms into a small cove created from the small waterfall above, much like a raft guide would do, (man I got to get back on the water). The sunshine warmed me to my very core and the waterfall brought the electons in the air into equillibrium. I wonderd who put those floweres into the waters and why some cast off to bump into others forming yet another small galaxie while others spun off into their own trajectory and some wait their fate at the small dam, while some go downstream on a bumpy wild ride??……………wow.

 I also got to see and touch a real Dawn Redwood (Metaseqouia Glyptoonoids), I once thought of as only legend as they were first known through fossil records then rediscovered in Szechan China! It is a close reletive to our evergreen Native Redwood yet this species is deciduous losing its needles in the fall. One of only a few deciduous conifers. I also met a Alpine Totar ( Podacarpus Nivalis) originally from S. Africa to E. Asia and now New Zealand. The current wide distribution helps substanciate the theory of a Ancient Southern Hemispere super continent called GONDWANA which eventuall seperated into Australia, Antartica and other land masses. Another one of my favorites was the Norway Weeping Spruce with it’s pendulous outer branhes. Reminded me of an Old Man all crooked over. Trees are my one constant in my Life that just make me feel good, Oh God, I cant believe I just wrote that.

So, my running lights dont work &  I hate electrical plagues but am happy that my Dad drove electical theory into my head and taught me about the process of elimination. I  have used this in my personal Life as well with relationships. Like for instance” this guy was playing a guitar with three strings outside the door and another dude had a sign near the parking lot exit while yet another young couple sat at a gas station w/ a sign that read ” Need Gas not Grass” I’ve also noticed that my fellow car/disbursement campers haunt the same parking lots and the library. As Im going down the road it occurs to me that I should have side mounted mirrors since I mounted the rear view one too high and since my 4″ lift has me up further  all I can see is big tractor trailers, small aircraft and maybe a  CB antena or two, besides when I go over 50 mph it vibrates so bad I cant make anything out anyhow except headlights which I think all are cops.

I had a dream that I walked by a guy begging for change and when I looked down at his weatherworn natty dreadlocks and thick bearded face I recognised him as a older tattered me, he smiled up at me and said ” Hey Brother can you help a guy out?” I smiled down at him and said ” Sorry buddy, I got to go get a job”. From my experience with the people Ive known who cast off the shackles of Society, theres no going back when your on that side, I see it in their eyes in these old guitar weilding hippies lost in a perpetual time warp of no yesterday or tomorow, only now,

 Freedom’s just another name for nothing else to lose……Nothings worth having if it aint free…….

Thats why I stay on the fence. The shadow of despair looms now in my dreams though.

Its funny when I return home and tell my family of all the places I’ve been with great enthusiasm,….. they just look at me and shake their heads, blame eachother for who’s responsible or for being on drugs when they were doing the deed, ( I am a product of the 60’s) and think I’m one step closer to Permanent Bumhood, I guess its all in perspective huh? I wouldn’t change it for the world, man. I cant help but think of all my old partying freinds and where their at today,, if their anywhere that is, and where are all those beatiful women I knew? And how many damn kids they have & if any with Brown Eyes…………………………………… & freckles. 

I am now atop the 7,532′ Mt. Ashland ,well not all the way to the top, Im parked in the parking lot trying to figure out a way to poach this mountain since they did away with passes you can “clip”, Im finding it difficult, but found instead  some really cool people with a keg of Black Butte Porter, inflatable palm tree and a kiddie pool, just chillaxin’. I got to ride eventually on a garbage bag down the side of the lot, it was one of the best rides of my life and I just couldnt stop, literally.  As I gaze across the expance and look back towards Mt. Shasta  with the Sun reflecting hues of Alpenglow  I cant help but feel how She has somehow managed to elude me once again.

Theres only one thing to do, and thats go and find her, I know she’s near ,………. I can smell her.

The crows cry;


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